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Meditation Group

Weekly online Event:

Mindfulness meets EFT-Tapping

mindfulnss meets eft tapping

UPDATE: This event currently online takes place in German. If you understand German and want to join, please read more here

During this chaotic time of uncertainty and anxiety, we need to remember that we are resilient, that we can get through this time and even grow from it, together.


This is a weekly event where we will blend 2 powerful modalities: Mindfulness & EFT-Tapping to help you remember your resilience and find inner calm.

No prior knowledge or experience needed! This event is open to everyone with an open mind and heart!

Mindfulness Meditation

  • I will guide you through a Mindfulness Meditation to find inner calm, peace, and to ground yourself

  • Bringing more Mindfulness into your life will help you see yourself in a different light, not being so strict on yourself and dealing better with strong emotions, worries, and thoughts of fear

  • Make yourself comfortable sitting on the floor, a chair, or laying down on your sofa

Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT-Tapping has a positive influence on body, mind, and soul

  • What do you want to release? I will guide you through the powerful EFT Tapping Routine to transform what is no longer serving you into self-acceptance and self-love

  • No prior experience or knowledge needed. You don't need to know EFT-Tapping yet

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Find relaxation and inner peace

in the comfort of your home

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Improve and balance your 

nervous system, reducing anxiety and stress

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Grow in self-awareness and self-confidence, knowing your truth

Mindfulness meets EFT-Tapping


Every Thursday at 12 pm MST

= 1 pm EST - New York

= 10 am PST -  Vancouver

= 6 pm GMT - London

= 7pm - Berlin

Please check your local time with this timezone converter:


Stay for the entire event, to benefit from both modalities, the Mindfulness Meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique (90 min)

Or stay for the Meditation only (30 min)


Zoom video conference platform (free)


You can remain for both parts ( 90 min) or just for the duration of the guided meditation (30 min).

You can not join after we started and I ask you to be on time.

I will close the room 5 minutes past the time to make sure we don't experience interruptions.

Just give it a try!

I know online group events can be intimidating, especially if we don't know the other people yet, but you will be surprised of how fast you will feel comfortable, I promise! 

This event will help you become more compassionate towards yourself, and to grow in self-awareness and resilience!

Possible Topics:





Reducing Anxiety





Breathing Awareness


Inner Peace


Emotional Intelligence

Meditation Class

How it looks like:


A guided meditation / visualization / breathing exercise


An open and non-judgmental conversation where you can ask your questions or share what you have on your heart. 


EFT Tapping routines for your current situation. You can share what issue, problem, or emotion you want to tap on and what you want instead. I will guide you through the tapping point, helping you to find your tapping statement.

I have just come off today's true self and core values Mindfulness circle. Loved the 30 minutes of switch off from the world to focus on my core. It was a great safe space to be vulnerable to the group and share how I will practice my core value straight away. Janina gave a brilliant tip of connecting our values to an anchor to ground ourselves in those moments in life where we are overwhelmed and lose ourselves. Awesome session thank you, Janina Schick.

Parvez P.

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