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Ebook/Workbook: Cultivate Self-Love with Mindfulness & Heartfulness

Self-love is key to mental, physical, and spiritual health.


I created this ebook/workbook for you, with self-reflective questions to identify your current level of self-compassion, followed by 10 actionable steps to cultivate unconditional self-love.


As a bonus section you will find a list of self-love Affirmations. 

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The Life Balance Workbook

Working through this workbook will help you identify the areas in your life which could be more balanced and by being more balanced contribute to your health and well-being rather than creating stress. Balance is not a static state but rather a healthy flow. If you feel you need more balance, download this workbook and work through it

Tame Your Inner Critic - workbook (2) (1

Workbook: Identifying and Taming Your Inner Critic

Do you have that little critical inner voice that tells you you’re not good enough or not talented enough, or that warns you not to take risks?

If you answered with "yes", this workbook is for you!



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